1. Alone. It’s an enormous contrast to the military scenes, which are
    crowded and dense, with people constantly fussing about and doing stuff in the background which creates a real impression of an ant hive. One of the interesting things about the military in this movie is that military personnel is never portrayed as individuals – there’s almost always an enormous busy hive of human-shaped insects busily trying to adjust to the changing situation
    — I actually kind of appreciate the Transformer movies. -Terry van Feleday

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    How to get a boyfriend

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    Park Sungjin for GQ Korea Aug 2014 by Park Kisook



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  7. Snowy Fox by Rob Lee

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    Park Sungjin for GQ Korea Aug 2014 by Park Kisook


  9. If Asian men are the vassals for white men’s domination fantasies, black men are the tools required for white male submissive fantasies. As Frantz Fanon explains, the black ‘man’ no longer exists in the white sexual imagination. Instead, ‘one is no longer aware of the negro, but only of a penis. The Negro is eclipsed. He is turned into a penis. He is a penis.’ Rather than existing as individuals, black men exist as sexual tools, ready to fulfill, or violate, white male sexual fetishes.
    — Chong-suk Han, They Don’t Want To Cruise Your Type: Gay Men of Color and the Racial Politics of Exclusion (via rniguelangel)

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    Had to post this fight in its entirety because it’s wizard as fuck

    Rat Queens #7
    by Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch

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