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    Jang Yoonju by Kim Heejun for Sure Korea Aug 2014


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    Ashley Mackenzie: The Philosophical Illustrations

    artist on Tumblr

    Ashley Mackenzie tackles complex questions about the relationship between mind and body, creating conceptual, illustrative works that stand at the cross-section of the philosophy of the mind and neuroscience. “As our knowledge of the brain becomes more comprehensive, it seems like the idea of the soul exists only in the gaps of our understanding,” Mackenzie writes on her website. Bodies melt like pools of liquid in these placid, sparsely-detailed illustrations as they visualize the inner workings of the mind.

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    Han Euddeum and Yeo Hyewon by Hyea W. Kang for Vogue Korea September 2014



  11. Johnny Cash on a hunting trip, c. 1960s

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  14. sirmitchell:

    Realizing there are still a ton of Marvel portraits that I’ve yet to post to tumblr! 

    I’ll be doing an AP sale of every print from my show, HOPEFULLY soon, so look for that. 


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    Kang Soyoung by Kim Youngjun for Grazia Korea May 2013